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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great uses for QR (Quick Response) Codes in the Classroom

A QR (Quick Response) code is an image that can be read by a mobile smart phone, i-Pad 2, or webcam, through its camera. By simply scanning the code using your mobile phone’s camera, you are provided with information contained in that code. QR codes can link to a website, download files, send an e-mail or text, and even make phone calls! There are several grants that would supply a few i-Pod touches to use for this purpose.

5 Ways to Begin with QR Codes in your Classroom

1. Links to Resources on Class Handouts: Begin by generating your own code, using any of the free sites below. Check around to see which sites offer what features. Generate links to instructional videos or printable documents.

2. Self-Assessment: Create flash cards with QR codes on the back, that display the correct answer when scanned. In addition, you may provide the link to a website that contains more info. on the word.

3. Code Quest: Create a cooperative learning “Code Quest” by posting QR codes at several locations. Each code will ask a question that will require students to locate an object. Once the object is found, another QR code will send students to another location, to locate yet another object. This Code Quest involves teamwork, cooperation, thinking, and moving around!

4. Surveys or Quizzes: You can use a Google Docs Form to create a quiz or survey that students or parents can easily access through their mobile phones.

5. Interactive Curriculum Night: Post QR codes around the classroom with titles about student work. QR codes could be used to access students' videos, projects, or blogs.

If you have other ideas for QR codes in the classroom, please leave a comment! Thank you.

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