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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Try STORYBIRD for Interactive, Collaborative Writing!

Storybird is a fun collaborative storytelling website for all grade levels. Storybird makes it easy to create and tell stories digitally. Students and teachers can create stories together by combining imaginative artwork and text. The final product can be printed, watched on screen, or shared in an online library with the world. Storybird “promotes imagination, literacy, and self-confidence.” Creating a Storybird is free. The imaginative artwork will have your students' imaginations soaring and lead to enthusiastic writing. Students can work together in teams to create stories. Students will feed off of each others ideas, creating more creative stories and learning together.

Storybird is also a fantastic place to create a classroom story, each student can contribute pages to the story. The final product can be easily shared with family and friends in the online library. Storybird can be used by teachers to make “special” stories for students. They can include students as characters, emphasize classroom themes or curriculum, and be created for specific reading
levels. Encourage your students to create and share their stories on Storybird. Storybird has free class accounts that allow students to use Storybird without providing an email address.

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