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Monday, August 1, 2016

Improving Mathematical Thinking with UPS Check Problem Solving Template

For many years, I have watched students catch on to a mathematical concepts, often displaying a huge smile and sense of pride.  However, when it was time to apply that conceptual knowledge to a word problem, sometimes, even the brightest students would just shut down!!  During my work as an instructional coach, I was able to offer professional development to an awesome group of teachers who learned the UPS Check strategy for problem solving, utilized it with fidelity in their classes, and offered feedback to perfect the template and the process. As a result, our students achieved great gains in the area of Algebraic Thinking and Problem Solving.  Students went from skipping most of the word problems to really persevering to problem solve! The template is pictured below.  You may <CLICK HERE> to download it.  Also, check out Ms. Mickle, as she used this strategy as a formative assessment with her Geometry class. Please share if you have other strategies that help with solving word problems.


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